Achieve True Potential

Every person has abilities, skills and talents to enrich the community and people around us. Our passion is in developing these traits to support all people in participating in the activities of life, successfully and actively.

We are committed to celebrating the uniqueness and diversity of every living being

Britteny Asher Consulting endorses Employment First Initiatives by raising expectations of individuals, families, state agencies, and service providers through implementing better employment practices for people with disabilities. We emphasize competitive and integrated employment as the preferred outcome.

With an eye on community activity and employment, the clinicians at Britteny Asher Consulting focus on identifying an individual’s strengths and developing functional real-life strategies to empower active participation and engagement across all activities and environments.

We begin with listening and supporting an individual to share what really matters to them. We encourage and explore strategies to allow them to share their hopes and dreams, and the goals they have for themselves. This is big work!  We have the expertise, tools, and experience to support individuals by developing the skills to contribute to and embrace the adult life they choose.