Thank you for your interest in obtaining information and services from Britteny Asher Consulting. To initiate services, please choose from the following service categories:

Private Pay /Personal Services

Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor initiated services

Please note: If you or the person you support is interested in accessing services by Britteny Asher Consulting through Vocational Rehabilitation, please speak with your Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor, as they will determine services.

Other Forms

BAC Release of Information (ROI) If the individual is not their own guardian, please list this on the Referral Form (and attach the guardianship paperwork to the Referral form) and we will contact the guardian. A Release of Information (ROI)  is not required for this.

If the individual is their own guardian and consultation with other providers is required or would be beneficial, please complete the following Release of Information (ROI) to enable Britteny Asher Consulting to contact with anyone other than the name individual.