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If you are just getting started in your employment journey, or perhaps getting re started, this process can be a bit scary, but the good news is there is that Oregon does a great job supporting people to work!  Below are a few services to help you in your employment journey.

Job Development Support to identify employment opportunities in an integrated community based setting where your skills match the employers need.  Job Development can include support with filling out applications and the interview process, and visits with potential employers. Job Development may also support development of a self-employment business opportunity, including accessing business financial resources for self-employment, and launching a business. Video

A Job Coa​​​ch Once you have obtained a job, Job Coaching provides initial or ongoing support to maintain individualized employment in an integrated community setting. A Job Coach helps you learn how to do your job and support your transition into your new job and assist in teaching new skills if you are moved to a new position or seeking promotion. They can also help you build relationships with your coworkers, learn about the rules of the business, and support you in being successful at work. Job Coaching can also provide support you in self-employment activities. Video

Discov​​ery This is a short-term service where you can explore employment through work experiences, informal interviews, and other activities designed to explore your interests and strengths and potential best employment options. Services may include a visit to several different community settings, as well as volunteer or work experience opportunities. Services may include (but are not limited to) job and task analysis activities, assessment for use of assistive technology to promote increased independence in the workplace, job shadowing, informational interviewing, employment preparation (resume development), and volunteerism to assist an individual in identifying transferable skills and job or career interests. Video

Small Group Sup​ported Services Activities in community based settings for groups of two (2) to eight (8) individuals working as a crew, enclave, or other business based workgroup to obtain skills that can be applied toward future career goals. Services must be provided in a manner that promotes integration into the work place and interaction with people without disabilities in those work places, with a focus on eventual individualized integrated employment. Video

Employment Path Services Skill development and work experiences to improve general employment skills that may be used in an integrated job. Skill development can range form  , to volunteer opportunities.  Services are time limited but discussed and planned for through your ISP. , which means they can only be used until your goal has been met. Specific goals will be written into your ISP and will be reached through skill training and ongoing person-centered planning. Video

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