Blackbird Shopping Center in Medford commitments to employing people with disabilities earned them the State Rehabilitation Council’s Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Accessibility Award during an August 2022 meeting!!

‘“I like working there. I get the best possible experience. My career goal is to continue to grow in my job.”

‘Andrew Johnson, 35, is one of the Vocational Rehabilitation clients who is now working 15 hours a week at Blackbird. Johnson has a speech disability, which was a barrier for employment in some other businesses. VR worked with Britteny Asher Consulting to provide a communication device to speak for him to help in his job. VR also connected him with a speech and language pathologist he has used for the past 10 months.’

Britteny Asher Consulting is honored to be a resource to Vocational Rehabilitation and welcomed the opportunity to collaborate with the employment team in Medford where we  were able to provide Andrew professional community based clinical services to assess and provide Assistive Technology/Augmentative-Alternative Communication (AAC) recommendations. Through these services and his new Speech Generating Device, Andrew has become an active participant in his successful employment journey.